Janey Merry knows that privacy is important to the success and use of the internet. The following sets forth her privacy policy for and describes what information is collected, how it is used, and with whom it is shared.

Personal Information

In order to provide visitors with information on her upcoming books, Janey Merry gathers the following types of information through Squarespace's Analytics:

Internet domain from which you access the website;

IP address from which you access the website;

Type of browser used to access the website;

Operating system used to access the website;

Date and time you access the website;

URLs of the pages you visit;

If you visited the website from a third-party site, the URL of that third-party site.


Janey Merry will not share your contact information with anyone. She only uses Squarespace as a third-party service provider.

These third-party service provider(s) have their own privacy policies addressing how they use your information; thus, Janey Merry is not responsible for how each service provider collects or uses your information. Please read their privacy policies for information on data collection.