Sloth was slow. He was very slow.


Sloth endures a tough day at school. His slowness incites teasing, pressure, and frustrations from his classmates. The next day, though, shows good things come from going your own speed.

This unique picture book presents readers with quirky characters, relatable emotions, and the power of perseverance. It reinforces the valuable lesson of accepting your true self. What we see as our weaknesses are, in actuality, our strengths. 

Currently, Janey is pitching Ready, Set, Sloth! to agents.

Available as paperback or Kindle e-book

Available as paperback or Kindle e-book


Janey Merry (“J.C. Merry” in this anthology) wrote the final story in this thriller anthology. Buy the book here from Amazon!

J.C. Merry- this would be a fantastic thriller to read! Another of the short stories that I wish were a full length novel! So all in all I would say all of the authors showed talent while a couple stood out as being 5 star reads. I look forward to the next anthology they put out!
— Natrina Felan
Great ending story to a great book! This story was my other favorite. I’ll admit at the very beginning I knew who the killer was, but how the main character was able to put it together I hadn’t even noticed! I loved the animal lover reference and I am an animal lover myself! The ending did not feel rushed and was very creative. I’m a sucker for a broken cop trying to catch the bad guy. Would love to see this expanded on or the cop and FBI agent work together on another case in a full novel!
I was so impressed with the writers in this group and their creative stories! I highly recommend this anthology!
I give this book 5 out of 5 stars!
— kateyreads