The Bible App for Kids Storybook Bible by Youversion


In my last book review, I talked a lot about Christianity and the practice of praying. Then I invited members of different faith communities to tell me about their favorite picture books that portray their own traditions and practices. Well, this review runs along the same thread. It is a Bible which was gifted to my son before he was even born by a close family friend. It was designed for children, so obviously it’s super kid-friendly with bright illustrations and simplified Bible stories. Based on the title, I knew there must be an app that can be used along with it. True enough, and it has a great modern, sleek look just like the illustrations in the book. The app plays like a game with the opening shot like a scene out of Candy Crush. You go level by level, and the narrator can read the Bible story to your child. There are hidden items on the level, too, your little reader can investigate.

My Luke will have a ton-o-fun with this faith tool. The Bible, whatever translation you prefer, is daunting and complicated. I’m excited to jump into this right along with my son!