on the night you were born by nancy tillman

On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman


This is not just another “you are special” kid’s book. Not to say I don’t love those kind of books! We ALL need encouraging and uplifting words. This story, though, is quite popular for many good reasons. I feel the author truly understands a child’s mind and perspective. Nancy has a talent for describing with such whimsy, the reader will certainly get swept up in the scene. There are several points of fun engagement within the story, and I think the best part of this book comes from the author giving voice to how we parents’ feel. “Precious baby, you are so unique and amazing. We have been astonished by your presence from the moment you came into this world.”

What do you recall from the your child’s birth day? My mother would tell me about the movie they watched before heading to the hospital & the meal she was served after delivering. (Best tasting cheeseburger she’s ever had!) I remember, after being in labor 45 hours, the football game going on in the background & drinking glass after glass of water -I was so thirsty!!