little owl's night by Divya Srinivasan book review

Little Owl's Night by Divya Srinivasan


One of my new favorites! Animal lovers of all ages will enjoy this book; there are so many cute creatures featured in this story. The author spotlights forest animals not commonly used such as possums, hedgehogs, badgers, & moths. Animal variety is not the only strength! The reader follows the main character, Little Owl, whose world and normal life occurs at nighttime. We catch a glimpse of a familiar story pattern when Little Owl ends his activities & falls asleep, but now it’s morning! It encourages children to think about new and different points-of-view. I appreciate she writes in a way so as to not underestimate the readers & their ability to learn. There are a few “advanced” concepts in the story for early readers such as moth wings covered in dust and a skunk’s typical diet. But we read to learn, so *Go Authors! Push the Limits!*

Are you a “night owl” when it comes to your typical schedule? Maybe an “early bird” fits your personality/energy level better. Me? Oh, I’m definitely in the “permanently exhausted pigeon” category.