Wingbound book review

Wingbound by Heather Trim


Cheers for Wingbound by Heather Trim! You know YA books are my jam, but it’s been a bit since I’ve sat down and read one. Usually reading picture books with my baby nowadays. So this fantasy story (book 1 of the series) was an overdue and refreshing change of pace for me. I was always pumped to dive into the World of Ellery when I could grab a rare spare moment.

I think children, both girls and boys, will be entertained, especially 4th-8th graders. There’s fighting, romance, dragons, flying people, a floating island, feuds (racial & familial), and so much more. This story has a fair amount of action, from 1-on-1 scuffles to a generational war between races. I will say, the pace of action slowed a bit when the kids are stuck on the floating island for the better part of a year. A coming-of-age book about a scrawny, scared boy still felt very relatable, even to me (a mom closing in on her 30s). Credit to the writer for her well-designed characters and immersive culture! I gotta say the part that snagged me is when the main character is joined in his homemade flying machine by his brother and friends. I realized this wasn’t going to be a lonely storyline just focusing on him and his harebrained pursuit, but actually a diverse group that grows individually from their journey together.

Heather Trim is a self-published author. I bought Wingbound after I attended her Facebook book-launch party. I was invited by my friend and Heather’s editor/marketer, Shayla Raquel. What are some indie pub books you like?