The Tooth Book

The Tooth Book by Theo LeSieg

Tooth Book.jpg

Who doesn’t love Dr. Suess? This one was written under Theo LeSieg which was a different pseudonym Ted Geisel used for books he didn’t illustrate himself. Joe Mathieu is the illustrator. Not to be harsh on his work, but the pictures are my least favorite part. I find them to be a little on the creepy side due to the exaggerated mouths & teeth, but it’s for kids. Of course, it’s okay to be silly! "The Tooth Book" is special to me and my baby, because my aunt (and Luke’s great-aunt) got it for my baby shower. She picked it out especially because she’s a hygienist and my father is a dentist. So you could say teeth are kinda important to my family!

Obviously, I LOVE my dentist, but I know a lot of people have anxiety going to their appointments. Are you afraid of the dentist?

Books can help us deal with our fears. What other books helped you overcome those negative emotions? (Ooo, this question can go deep!)