Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes

Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes by Kimberly & James Dean


I have loved the “Pete the Cat” series since reading the first one as a teacher to my first grade class back in 2012. He is such a fun and original character! Well, there was a sale at Barnes & Noble when I picked this one up. (Of course, if you know me, I almost never pay full price for . . . well, anything! #bargainbuyer)

“Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes” has great rhyming text, bright illustrations, and a quick-paced story. Classic story structure pillars just like the first one has which have held it up as a bestseller and popular pick. This cupcake sequel, though, has a lot more characters in it! The cast is quite a zoo including a squirrel, turtle, alligator, platypus, toad, and (of course) cat. All of Pete’s friends are gathering for a party later in the day, so Pete and Gus, the platypus, are making cupcakes for the occasion. They bake and decorate 10 treats, but 2-by-2 they disappear from the windowsill where they had been cooling! Who is the culprit? Pete and Gus must follow clues and play detective to find out, and they run into a couple of wrong guesses along the way!

Fun story and adorable illustrations! I plan on adding more “Pete” books to my son’s library. Tell me, which one should I check out next? If you don’t JIVE with the Pete series, then tell me about another series. I’m all ears!