Little Suzy's Zoo: Rainy Day Friends

Little Suzy's Zoo: Rainy Day Friends by Nancy Parent

Rainy Day.jpg

Perfect weather to get a shot for this book! “Little Suzy’s Zoo: Rainy Day Friends” is a short and sweet board book. The story follows some of the familiar characters of the “Little Suzy’s Zoo” crew. It begins with Little Suzy friends worried their turtle buddies will get wet in the impending rain. How stinking cute is that?! Now, I love turtles 🐢, so this subject struck a chord with me. Funny plot + adorable characters = 👍
What’s not to love about friends caring about others?

Little Suzy’s Zoo is full of cutie-patooties. What beloved cast of characters from your childhood still sticks with you? I loved reading/watching Arthur and Berenstain Bears.