Jesus Loves Me! (My First Book of Prayers)

Jesus Loves Me! (My First Book of Prayers) by Lisa M. Gardiner

first book of prayer.jpg

This board book is a part of series, My First Book of Prayers. I don’t believe there’s any specific order you must read them in. Jesus Loves Me was gifted to me at my baby shower by my mother-in-law. This one focuses on traditional, old-fashioned hymns most Christians grow up singing. Each page is a different hymn, written out, word-for-word. The songs include: All Things Bright and Beautiful, Jesus Loves Me, Michael Row the Boat, and He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.

There is comfort found in these familiar words and verses. The tune, just like any nursery song, can easily get stuck in your head for days. The accompanying illustrations, also done by Lisa Gardiner, match the style perfectly. Two thumbs up!