Goose by Tammi Sauer book review

Truck, Truck, Goose by Tammi Sauer


Truck, Truck, Goose written by Tammi Sauer and illustrated by Zoe Waring is an adorable picture book suitable for emergent readers. I have had the privilege of meeting and getting to know the author personally at SCBWI meetings, so I learned a little more background behind the story directly from her.
She explained her desire to write a book in which even the earliest readers could read on their own. Simple text, sure. But I can just imagine his proud look as Luke finishes a whole book all by himself.

The book relies mostly on the illustrations to drive the story. Goose packs a picnic for himself (he seems to carry out his entire house’s contents), and he sets up in a very inconsiderate location as traffic gets backed up. The laid back main character fixes his mess AND gets everyone back in a good mood with a little help from the ice cream man. All sorts of specialized trucks are represented in the illustrations: tow, fire, moving, dump, cement, semi, monster, trash, etc. I’m sure your little one will pour over the detailed pictures finding those differences.

Some background on the background (see what I did there?): I used my grandpa’s old Ford truck. While brainstorming in front of Luke’s library, I knew right away I wanted to use an actual truck. Happy coincidence the book cover matched fairly well!

What was your child’s first book he/she read solo? What about first spoken words? I swear Luke says “mama”, but he’s just asking for milk.