Farm Life book review

Farm Life by The Clever Factory

farm life.jpg

I picked up this simple board book from the dollar bins at Target. As a child, I loved to read about animals and farm life. I believe it is one of those romanticized careers we have in childhood. But, that’s okay, childhood is meant to be shiny, sweet, and uncomplicated.

This easy read only has a few pages, but they are cut out in certain shapes and staggered for grabby baby fingers. Each page shows a family member, the daily task he/she is doing on the farm, and a rhyming paragraph on the opposite side. The rhymes explain the farmyard chore, and as I’ve said in other book reviews, rhymes certainly make “read-alouds” a lot of fun!

I will touch on a slight negative, though. The story portrays a very nuclear family with a father, mother, brother, and sister. That dynamic is a bit overused in the writing world, especially picture books. Also, the last page comments on making father “a happy man”, and that leaves me with a dry, old-fashioned taste in my mouth. Not that anything is wrong with being old-fashioned! Heaven knows, I am a very down-to-earth, conservative girl. I think diversity is just on my mind, because I was reading how January 25th was Multicultural Children’s Book Day. I am developing a passion for the movement -representation matters- and every child wishes to “read their world”.

Have you read a book that opened your eyes to another culture or unique identity? I’m sure you have; every book lets the reader see through a new perspective! Tell me about it. What do you recommend? I’d love to see a thousand new lives on a thousand new worlds . . .