Dragons Love Tacos book review

Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

taco dragon.jpg

You looking for a silly and hilarious picture book? Look no further, my dears! Dragons Love Tacos will strike a chord (and your funny bone!) with everyone in the family, adult and child alike.

Adam Rubin’s writing style, the tone of his language, is so casual and modern; it’s almost as if he’s just having a conversation with the reader. (Not to toot my own horn, but I actually received a similar comment from the very first blog I wrote: “your writing is easy to read- good flow to it with fun expressiveness”.) I think that element enhances the unique humor of the book. The narrator actually calls out dragon characters to ask him a question. Reminded me of when the writers of Deadpool had Wade Wilson “break down the fourth wall”. The author uses multiple tools of humor, from over-explaining, repetition, topical, and situational. One could say it is a G-version of a Monty Python comedy routine.

And the illustrator did a fabulous (and equally important) job of adding to the chuckles with awesome artwork! Bam! In your face with creativity and originality. This book is highly popular for very good reasons. It will leave both you and your children in a giggle-fit.