Bedtime for Batman

Bedtime for Batman by Michael Dahl


This particular board book caught my eye immediately at Barnes and Noble. Our little family loves anything to do with superheroes, so I knew this would become a fast favorite. I pictured my husband reading it to our son, but I actually took the first opportunity to read “Bedtime with Batman” with Luke. Growing up with three older brothers made me a bit of a tomboy, BUT I know both girls and boys alike will enjoy this bedtime storybook!

Shout out to the illustrator, Ethan Beavers, who modeled the pages in the comic book paneling style. He also used the classic 90s “Batman: The Animated TV Series” design. It made the characters recognizable and inspired feelings of nostalgia.

Overall, it has very cleaver story structure. Understatement: sometimes, children don’t want to go to bed. So, the little boy pretends he is Batman and makes his bedtime routine a fun, imagination-fueled adventure! The last page even has a check-off list your own little superhero could use as he/she completes bedtime duties.

I definitely want to see if there are other books in the series! How fun would it be to have a collection of heroic characters doing everyday activities to inspire your up-and-coming champion?

Who is your favorite superhero or heroine? My husband always roots for the “regular” guy who becomes the protagonist (or even better, antihero) via his own intelligence or honed skill set. Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark did not have magical powers bestowed upon them nor a freak accident hurtle them onto “the hero’s journey”. He might have a point, but I do love the ultimate boy-scout characters like Superman and Captain America. Maybe there are too many heroes to choose from, so how about universes? Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, Image, Shonen Jump? Please share back with me!