Bedtime Prayers (My First Book of Prayers)

Bedtime Prayers (My First Book of Prayers) by The Clever Factory

bedtime prayers.jpg

This is a short and sweet board book that was gifted to me at my baby shower. (Gee, I feel like I am always writing that origin of ownership. We were truly blessed with a lot of books!) Anyway, it is part of series which is themed for prayers a child might use throughout the day: Bedtime Prayers, Friendship Prayers, Thank You Prayers, and Mealtime Prayers. This one covers —you guessed it— a prayer to say at bedtime. It begins with a sweet little rabbit character getting ready, brushing his teeth. Then, his parents read a storybook, kneel for prayers, and tuck their child in. The last page shows the rabbit child, snuggling his stuffed toy in a dark room with a big, old smile on his face. Ahhh, doesn’t that just leave you with warm and fuzzy contentment?

It’s a super short story, word-wise. Each page only has two lines, but they do rhyme. So that’s fun! My favorite thing about the book is the art. I love the color palette, the character designs, and the consistency of the scenes. I just love these little gems that fell into our lap! Our baby boy is growing to appreciate them, too!