Bedtime Blessings by Marianne Richmond

Bedtime Blessings by Marianne Richmond

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Prayers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, sounds, and feelings. The act of praying can feel daunting sometimes -speaking to the Creator of the universe! My parents and church family taught me that it’s simply having a conversation with your Heavenly Father. He loves you so, so much. He will treasure anything you have to say. Sometimes, words do not come to our lips. In those moments, it’s okay to pray using your heart. I do this probably more often than a “formal” speaking prayer. God knows our heart; He knows what we need and what we are feeling/going through. Emotions can be “big” and overwhelming, not just for children, but adults as well. Books like this one are perfect to use as a guide. It is a perfect story to read over and over again. Children begin to notice and appreciate the miraculous and good things we encounter in life.

The first half of the book goes over the gratefulness part of prayer. The narrator of the story eloquently uses rhyme to list all the things, people, sights, experiences, etc. we enjoy every single day. The second half is about blessings and asking for God’s help, even in the little details of the day.

I love any and every book by Marianne Richmond. I’ve done a couple of reviews for other books of hers, but I just keep coming back! Definitely one of our favorite authors here in the Merry house. *Side story - the very first book review I did for Instagram, Goodreads, Facebook, etc. all those good social medias was You Are My Merry by Marianne Richmond. I felt like that picture book was a good start for this new endeavor of mine in honor of my family’s last name and my favorite holiday (it’s a Christmas-themed book). After posting it, Marianne Richmond herself commented! I replied back, and she answered again!! Oh my goodness! Talk about an (almost) thirty-year old married mama acting like a school girl/fan girl. I told EVERYONE about that thrilling conversation, probably even days after it happened.

If you know me, then my “squirreling” away from the main point comes as no surprise to you. That’s just Janey being Janey! Please tell me about other faith-based books you enjoy! It doesn’t have to be Christian; I’d love to hear about awesome Jewish picture books! Or Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, whatever faith you follow! Tell me about books you use with your children to help them understand your religion’s traditions and practices. Living in the “Bible Belt” and growing up as a Jesus-follower, I have a heavy background in Christianity. Exposure to other religions would be thrilling! And learning via picture books, well . . . what would be more fun?