2019 March

Making a Friend by Tammi Sauer

making a friend.jpg

I love anything by Tammi Sauer! Sweet and short stories that shoot straight into your heart; she always write wonderful books that leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. Speaking of warm and fuzzy. . .

Beaver has the very best intentions in his attempts to make friends with the forest animals. But, his efforts always fall flat. But he’s very good at constructing things, so he commits to (literally) making a friend out of snow. The helpful Raccoon comes along to offer his aide, and what should they discover? By the end of the story, both sad little animals have made a true friend.

Sigh, see? The warm fuzzies have overtaken you, right?

Nibbles, the Book Monster by Emma Yarlett


Nibbles is a very cute, fast pace, and interactive story your young reader will want to read again and again. The title character eats his way into three classic children’s tales: Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, and Jack in the Beanstalk. He causes quite a scene (and a mess!) in each story, but the Golden Goose from Jack in the Beanstalk comes to the rescue by capturing Nibbles and placing him back in his crate. BUT, as your child flips the extra pages, you find out he has escaped again! Nibbles ventures out to create more chaos in the world!

The interactive component comes from the “extra” pages that make up the three interrupted classics as well as Nibbles’s crate. The little monster also plays “hide-and-seek” on one set of pages. I know my son will be able to fully enjoy this book when he gets a little older and has stronger fine motor skills. For now, mommy turns the pages for him, and Luke happily follows along!

My aunt gave this book to my son on his first birthday. She said it was new, fun favorite of hers and her grandchildren. She is quite the bibliophile, and I always take her recommendation. And this time was no exception!

Wish List: A Holiday 'Poet-tree' Collection by Sara Marie

wish list.PNG

Wish List by Sara Marie came to me as a wonderful surprise. The author reached out and asked if I would give an honest review of her poetry book in exchange for a free e-copy. This is a very typical transaction between author and book bloggers, but it’s only the second time I’ve been approached by an author seeking me out for a review. I started on this book blogger journey last year. I have been putting out reviews of picture books from my son’s little library with a few other genres thrown in for “mommy-breaks”. All this to say, I am having so much fun :) I love reading, and I love helping. So, if I can promote your hard, beautiful work and escape into a word-woven world. . . well, that’s a win-win situation if I ever saw one.

I can definitely see myself reading the Wish List every year at Christmastime. It’s broken into five sections: magic, healing, self-love, perspective, and hope. Sara Marie utilizes non-rhyming poems, and they still resonate with my soul. Each page brought forth a flurry of emotions leaving me thinking, “this is so relatable; it’s like she’s in my head”. I attempted to keep track of my favorites by noting down a couple at first, then a few more in the next chapter, theenn a good chunk of the next section. Regardless to say, I had written down way too many personal favorites to notate in my review. I can’t give away all the good stuff. . . which is like the whole book!

If you find yourself wounded and re-wounded by memories and past relationships, and you are in dire need of self-reflection and soft, loving words, please read this book. Even if you just enjoy analogies of the holiday season, then please, do yourself a favor, and pick up a copy! The snip-its of comfort and self-love Sara Marie encourages with every poem will surely have you feeling calmer and peaceful.

P.S. - Sara Marie has a second poetry book out now, Cat’s Game. You bet I am going to get myself that one, too!

P.P.S. -I have been following Sara Marie on social media, and everything she posts is a home-run with me! Word lover and cat lover?! She’s my new best friend :)