Go Fish! by Tammi Sauer


Here goes Goose again! Go Fish is the (kind of) sequel to Truck, Truck, Goose. Sequel in the sense the characters carry over from the first book. But this is a stand alone story as well. Tammi Sauer wrote this with the same purpose -a sweetly simple book for emergent readers to read all on their own. The animal friends go to the pond but have no luck catching any fish. They catch a lot of funny items along the way, though. Finally, they hook a whopper and reel it in, but it’s too big! This monster fish scares the animals off the dock, but they are still hungry! What do YOU do when dinner plans fall through? Call for a pizza delivery of course! The ending has a funny twist with the monster fish wanting a pizza slice himself. They oblige and all go swimming together. Just adorable.

My son’s little library is stocked with the cutest books, and these sweet additions came directly from the author, signed copies and everything! (Authors are my rockstars!) Like I said in yesterday’s post, I met Tammi through the SCBWI, and at one of the meetings she presented the new board book version of Truck, Truck, Goose along with the brand new sequel Go Fish. I learned board books cost more to produce, so that version usually takes longer to come out. (Publishers probably want to see if a book is going to be profitable.) But how could any of Tammi’s and Zoe’s collaborations not be successful? Good job, ladies! Keep up the great work!!

When was the last time you went fishing? What is your bait preference: worms (live/plastic), lures, spinner baits, etc? What about fishing location: off the shore, dock, or boat? What’s the youngest age a child might enjoy this outdoor activity? I know my dad, an avid and lifelong fisherman, plans to take Luke ASAP.