You Are My Merry by Marianne Richmond


This was the first Christmas gift I bought my baby. We LOVE Marianne Richmond! A friend gifted me Bedtime Blessings at my baby shower, too.
The incredibly talented Marianne is both author and illustrator to a huge selection of picture books each one to leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy! This Christmas-themed story is special to my little family, because our last name is “Merry”.

With fun, rhyming prose and lighthearted illustrations, Marianne drives home the simple message of unconditional love. She has nailed the emotional perspective of a parent. The love we have for our children is boundless, and this sweet story shows how even simple holiday activities are bursting with familial joy!

What is your favorite holiday tradition? Does your family do something out of the ordinary? What about a special Christmas story you read every year?