Where Is Baby's Belly Button? by Karen Katz

Belly Button.jpg

What a fun book! It’s an interactive board book perfect for little ones to play with and enjoy. Each page asks where certain body parts are hidden. This provides ANOTHER level of interaction as parents can point (or tickle!) on their own baby and pair words to their meaning! Reading time will be filled with giggles, engagement, and learning with this fascinating book.

Now, I still turn the pages and lift the flaps myself with my son only being 10 months old. I’m afraid his strong grasp and underdeveloped fine motor skills might lead to tearing. But believe you me, he will learn ASAP to treat books with the utmost care.

Funny thing, a toddler at our library’s Storytime LOVED pointing and showing off her own belly button whenever her mommy asked “where is your belly button?”
Is your baby ticklish? Did this book help teach the names of body parts? What age do kids start “reading” themselves?