Really Woolly Bedtime Prayers by Bonnie Rickner Jensen

really woolly.jpg

Okay, total honesty? This is probably my favorite of Luke’s prayer books. It has everything—Scripture verses, rhyming devotional, ends with a prayer. Boom. Complete package. Oh wait. There’s more! Stinkin’ cute animal characters all throughout the pages. Can your heart take this much ooey-gooey sweetness?

There is a theme to every page and all three components (verse, devotion, prayer) match the topic. Some of the gratefulness themes include thanking God for. . . listening, loving, watching, rescuing, singing, teaching, showing, blessing, encouraging, understanding, shining, befriending, choosing, promising, and planning. It’s a great storybook for bedtime, because these wholesome words encourage your little one to dwell on all of God’s blessings as his/her last thoughts of the day. The main character is a sheep. Some people count sheep to go to sleep, but what about counting your blessings?