Bible Tales Children's Book Bundle by Sarah Conner

Bible animal tales.jpg

These Bible Tales come from a set of six board books that focus on Bible stories and parables about animals. As you would expect. . . they are stinkin’ cute! These stories are bite-size versions of the actual Biblical chapters, so they are perfect to introduce your tiny tot to. They aren’t really told from the perspective of the animal like I assumed, but the titled animal is the star and focal point.

The author, Sara Conner, is also the illustrator of the series. Bold colors, kid-friendly style, and overall simple design enhances the books. Bravo!

Which Bible story was your favorite as a child? I have always loved animals, so I guess you could say these struck a chord with my inner child.

The set includes: The Camel’s Tale, The Lion’s Tale, The Whale’s Tale, The Zebra’s Tale, The Donkey’s Tale, and The Lamb’s Tale.