YA Fantasy

Wingbound by Heather Trim


Cheers for Wingbound by Heather Trim! You know YA books are my jam, but it’s been a bit since I’ve sat down and read one. Usually reading picture books with my baby nowadays. So this fantasy story (book 1 of the series) was an overdue and refreshing change of pace for me. I was always pumped to dive into the World of Ellery when I could grab a rare spare moment.

I think children, both girls and boys, will be entertained, especially 4th-8th graders. There’s fighting, romance, dragons, flying people, a floating island, feuds (racial & familial), and so much more. This story has a fair amount of action, from 1-on-1 scuffles to a generational war between races. I will say, the pace of action slowed a bit when the kids are stuck on the floating island for the better part of a year. A coming-of-age book about a scrawny, scared boy still felt very relatable, even to me (a mom closing in on her 30s). Credit to the writer for her well-designed characters and immersive culture! I gotta say the part that snagged me is when the main character is joined in his homemade flying machine by his brother and friends. I realized this wasn’t going to be a lonely storyline just focusing on him and his harebrained pursuit, but actually a diverse group that grows individually from their journey together.

Heather Trim is a self-published author. I bought Wingbound after I attended her Facebook book-launch party. I was invited by my friend and Heather’s editor/marketer, Shayla Raquel. What are some indie pub books you like?

Wingless by Heather Trim


Wingless by Heather Trim is the sequel to Wingbound. Lemme tell ya..... I couldn’t wait to dive into this! The author left quite the cliffhanger in Book 1.
So, an interesting thing about this book is the point of view change throughout the story flow. The author flip-flopped perspective between Ledger (the main character of the first book) and his older brother, Tolliver. You’d think this would become confusing and hard to follow, but she does the POV change at the start of each chapter and clearly labels it.
I admit to having a soft-spot for Ledger since the reader follows him in Wingbound. He’s such a lovable character! I think of Ledger as a lanky and timid underdog. But, I did enjoy discovering more about Tolliver. His secret past consumes him in this storyline, but hey, that drives the action!
Wingless definitely has more heart-wrenching moments than the first. More drama and plot-twists are sprinkled along the way, too.
Heather Trim hooked me again. I can’t wait until Book 3. She left us, and the peoples of Ellery and Balfour dangling. I do have a small suspicion the reader might get a third POV from Angus, one of the core characters. But that’s just me speculating 🤔
I am so honored Heather sent me the e-version in exchange for a review and promotion.