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The Suicide Tree by Shayla Raquel

suicide tree.jpg

It is so incredibly hard not to be biased as this novel was written by one of my best friends. I will try to set aside my enormously proud and loving feelings I have for her as a person and give a neutral review of her work.

Get. This. Book.

If you want to feel transported to Italy -get this book. The reader follows the characters as they internationally travel, and the author describes such realistic settings that you will feel like YOU are the one taking the trip. I know for a fact Shayla Raquel went to the destinations mentioned in her story, and she wrote those settings from personal experience. How cool is that?!

If you want to satisfy your romance subplot itch -get this book. I literally could not contain my enthusiasm when Shayla had me (and the rest of our writing group) critique a chapter from this book, because it was then that she revealed to me that a couple of her characters. . . fall for each other! * squeal *

If you enjoy a dynamically varied cast of characters -get this book. I was trying to think of a mainstream example to draw a parallel here, and “Parks and Rec” came to mind. Each staff member of the Pawnee, Indiana Parks Department plays off each other and this enhances everyone’s character. The friends force each other to grow. They are funny, and definitely better together than apart. I think that describes the dynamic Shayla’s group has.

In summation. . . GET THIS BOOK.