Wish List: A Holiday 'Poet-tree' Collection by Sara Marie

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Wish List by Sara Marie came to me as a wonderful surprise. The author reached out and asked if I would give an honest review of her poetry book in exchange for a free e-copy. This is a very typical transaction between author and book bloggers, but it’s only the second time I’ve been approached by an author seeking me out for a review. I started on this book blogger journey last year. I have been putting out reviews of picture books from my son’s little library with a few other genres thrown in for “mommy-breaks”. All this to say, I am having so much fun :) I love reading, and I love helping. So, if I can promote your hard, beautiful work and escape into a word-woven world. . . well, that’s a win-win situation if I ever saw one.

I can definitely see myself reading the Wish List every year at Christmastime. It’s broken into five sections: magic, healing, self-love, perspective, and hope. Sara Marie utilizes non-rhyming poems, and they still resonate with my soul. Each page brought forth a flurry of emotions leaving me thinking, “this is so relatable; it’s like she’s in my head”. I attempted to keep track of my favorites by noting down a couple at first, then a few more in the next chapter, theenn a good chunk of the next section. Regardless to say, I had written down way too many personal favorites to notate in my review. I can’t give away all the good stuff. . . which is like the whole book!

If you find yourself wounded and re-wounded by memories and past relationships, and you are in dire need of self-reflection and soft, loving words, please read this book. Even if you just enjoy analogies of the holiday season, then please, do yourself a favor, and pick up a copy! The snip-its of comfort and self-love Sara Marie encourages with every poem will surely have you feeling calmer and peaceful.

P.S. - Sara Marie has a second poetry book out now, Cat’s Game. You bet I am going to get myself that one, too!

P.P.S. -I have been following Sara Marie on social media, and everything she posts is a home-run with me! Word lover and cat lover?! She’s my new best friend :)

The Dark Between Stars by Atticus


The Dark Between Stars by Atticus has reignited my love for poetry. His style, the theme of this collection....*mwah* perfection! Totally resonates with my soul. I tagged a *ahem* few of my favorites. Okay, so most pages got marked. Just goes to show, this poet is uber-popular for very good reasons. Words, carefully selected, so the reader can feel deep within his/her soul. They draw emotions and realizations about oneself you didn’t know were hidden. So inspirational! Honestly, I’ve started jotting down my own secret (fragile & precious) thoughts. Poetry- a new way I’m expressing my creativity & finding therapy in it. Recently released! I recommend getting a copy.