My First Library by Baby Einstein

baby einstein.JPG

Baby Einstein has a collection of mini board books that are perfectly sized for newborns and infants. So teeny-tiny! Luke has grabbed, held, and nibbled on these books as soon as he developed those fine motor skills.

This collection contains: Bath Time, Good Night, Happy Birthday, Colors of the Rainbow, Four Seasons, Play Day, Fruits & Veggies, Things That Go, Number Farm, At the Beach, Jungle Safari, & At the Park (12 stories in all).

Every little board book has 10 chunky pages, and they are pretty durable (as tested by my Luke). Each one has a different theme/subject. I love the variety and the topic relatability. The stories focus on constants in a child’s life such as bedtime, play dates, and foods. Einstein board books are a simple way to introduce your child to these everyday subjects!

The collection comes in a cute box with a peek-a-boo window and handle for carrying. Our box set was a baby shower gift from my hubby’s co-worker. Tell me about a gift you received that has become a favorite for you or your child. What would you recommend as “essential” for soon-to-be mommies and daddies?