Janey’s Book Reviews

Review Policy: Currently, I am closed to review requests. Typically, I read in the genres of children’, poetry, romance, & graphic novels. At this time, I am not accepting any nonfiction writing.

As a book blogger, I will read and present an honest review on Amazon, this website, and major social media platforms. I am not an editor. Please, do not send unfinished or unedited work in search of advice. I accept physical copies & audio book versions. To submit an official review request, please visit my “Contact” page.

*I reserve the right to deny a request or choose not to post my review of your book if I am uncomfortable doing so.

Also, please understand that I am a full-time mom and writer. Life is full and crazy, and it will most likely take me a while to respond and/or review. I adhere to my own schedule and squeeze in book-blogging when I can. That being said, I will do my utmost if you request my review be done prior to your book’s release date as is typical of any ARC.

(updated 8/16/19)