Janey Merry is a children's picture book and young adult writer. She enjoys reading, going on adventures with her son, and playing with her many pets.
Janey is a Christian, Okie, and tree-hugger. 

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Janey has a great passion for giving-back and loves the “community over competition” mentality the writing world promotes. She’s doing her part and provides reviews on children’s, poetry, and YA books.

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Sloth was slow. He was very slow.


Sloth endures a tough day at school. His slowness incites teasing, pressure, and frustrations from his classmates. The next day, though, shows good things come from going your own speed.

Ready, Set, Sloth! presents readers with quirky characters, relatable emotions, and the power of perseverance. It reinforces the valuable lesson of accepting your true self. What we see as our weaknesses are, in actuality, our strengths. 

Currently, Janey is pitching Ready, Set, Sloth! to agents.


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